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Update 27 May 2015: Thank you for your support.
BCCUK Earthquake Relief Committee has decided to send 20 filtration Unit As A Trial. Depending on the trial we will decide whether or not to scale up the project.

As we have raised sufficient funds for this first phase, fundraising is now on stand by. You can still donate but please be aware that if we chose not to scale up the project, your donation will be directed at our discretion towards another project.

Thank you for your donations. We look forward to updating you on our progress.

Below is the invoice for 20 x filter units

Buddhist Community Centre
BCCUK is a UK-registered charity that has become a de facto hub for the UK Nepali community’s earthquake relief, aid and redevelopment effort.

Mark Brightwell (MSc Environmental Technology)
Mark is a former Gurkha Officer with experience in Nepal implementing and sustaining community drinking water projects. His academic background is in water management. Over the coming month he will be in Nepal running this emergency response project.

“Safa Khane Pani Nepal” The Nepal Drinking Water Project
Nepal Drinking Water Project is an emergency response to:

  • The recent earthquakes in Nepal that created an emergency situation with acute shortages of food, shelter and safe drinking water.
  • The mobilization of Nepali people in the UK seeking to harness public goodwill and channel emergency response directly to communities in urgent need.
  • The recognition that by harnessing modern communication and co-ordination assets, volunteer-led grassroots action can play an unprecedented role in emergency humanitarian relief.
    How we can help

We know this place. BCCUK already has an operational team in Nepal. They are linked in with the Health Ministry and with other NGOs and grassroots operations. Mark Brightwell joins them in Nepal this week and will implement this project. We will train Nepalis to train Nepalis in the use and maintenance of a simple, sustainable and cost-effective filtration system.

The World Health Organisation estimates that 20 liters per capital per day is the minimum quantity of safe water required to realise minimum essential levels for health and hygiene:

1 filtration system = safe water for 50 people per day, every day
Each filtration system costs £32. Our goal is to provide safe drinking water for >5000 people.


Where your contribution goes

We are a volunteer organisation. There are no salaries. We pay our own travel and living costs. This means your money buys filtration kits and gets them to those who desperately need them. Simple.

How to Donate

For online donation please click here.

For online donation please click here.

Please add ‘Drinking Water Project’ in ‘Comments’ and provide an email address if you would like to be kept updated. And remember to tick ‘Yes’ to Gift Aid if you are a UK Tax Payer.

Technical Information:

The unit we will be using is made by Sawyer Ltd and is designed specifically for the emergency relief environment. Each unit is rated to 0.1 microns absolute and can filter 1000 litres per day, removing 99.99999% of all bacteria, such as salmonella, cholera and E.coli and 99.9999% of all protozoa, such as giardia and cryptosporidium Its operation is explained in the following video:

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